Hollow Block Machines With Different Automation Levels

To talk about the hollow block machine prices we first need to know the details of the machine to see what the prices are all about. The development of technology in architecture has given the possibility of a new building sector due to changes in human being needs.



The hollow block is one of the building products that support the constitution of architectural longevity and prevents the factors that negatively affect nature. The hollow block allows to increase construction speed and finishing projects faster. Hollow blocks can be produced with different equipment of the Hollow Block Machine. The hollow block machine is also called a concrete block machine since it can produce different products as well.

There are different hollow block machines with different systems, capacities, and automation levels.



Hollow block machines at the same time can produce pumice blocks, solid blocks, paving blocks, curbstone blocks, lawn stones, roof gutters, and styrofoam concrete blocks.

Hollow block machine price depends on the need for production efficiency and daily production capacity or the number of employees needed. Hollow Block Machine Prices change according to the equipment that comes with the machine. You can also check Brick Making Machine Prices for further details.


 1. Semi-Automatic Hollow Block Machine

This machine comes first on the hollow block machine prices list. It's simpler than other machines but you need more workers to operate your plant because some parts are semi-automatic and need operators. Buying a silo or aggregate hopper is not necessary for this plant. Pallets are also recommended to be produced locally so there won't be any transportation fees.

Consider that due to the manual pallet delivery system to the curing chamber you will need more curing area compared to the automatic model. Another problem with this is that because the mixture ratio is done semi-automatically by personnel, the quality of the mortar can differ in time and if you produce low-quality blocks you will lose your customer.

You might hear the name paving block machine for this machine as well. Don't get confused, it's the same system with a few extra parts. You can read the article paving block machine to see the differences.

These machines are suitable for Ghana, Ethiopia, Gabon, Mali, Somalia, Somaliland, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Djibouti, Nigeria, and other countries with low labor costs.

You can contact us for a reference machine that we have installed before in your country as well.



2. Automatic Hollow Block Machine

This machine is the second option in the hollow block machine price list. Most of the parts in the machine are automatic and the need for workers is reduced in this system. The pallet delivery system is done by forklift in this system. It is recommended to use silos and aggregate hoppers for this system so the rate of mistakes will be lowered. Totally you need 5 workers for the whole plant.

These machines are preferred in countries like Hungary, Romania, the United Kingdom,  Egypt, Poland, Norway, the USA, and other countries with high labor costs and expensive lands.



 3. Fully-Automatic Hollow Block Machine

This machine is the most expensive on the hollow block machine price list. Everything is done automatically in this system and all you need to do is to start the machine and provide the machine with aggregates, cement, and water. Silos and aggregate hoppers should be purchased with the machine to operate the machine automatically.




Consider that fully automatic machines are sensitive to electrical changes and more difficult than others to troubleshoot. Also, the maintenance of these machines is harder than the others. usually, people with experience in this field of business are interested in fully automatic machines.
if you are starting this business our engineers recommend semi-automatic and automatic machines for your business.


Hollow Block Machine Price

Consider that for countries where labor cost is low like African countries, semi-automatic machines are recommended but for the countries with higher labor costs like European or Arabic countries, automatic and fully automatic machines are recommended.

This also depends on your project details and target daily capacity. You can also contact us to make sure you are choosing the right machine at a suitable price.


Hollow Block Machines Price List | Semi-Automatic Hollow Block Machine
Product Code Block Production Capacity Mini Plant Price List Maxi Plant Price List
PRS-400 4.000 Block 20 cm 61.100 USD  84.700 USD 
PRS-600 6.000 Block 20 cm 63.200 USD 93.100 USD
PRS-800 8.000 Block 20 cm 84.300 USD 118.300 USD
PRS-1000 10.000 Block 20 cm 120.600 USD  159.400 USD
 Customers who are buying concrete Block machines must Analyze Market Needs to know which product is the best-selling product. According to the need, machine capacity and automation systems should be chosen because purchased machines without good analysis may fall into a lack of sales in the future.




A hollow block machine with a single hopper is preferred for manufacturers that only produce concrete blocks like hollow blocks, single-layer paving blocks, and curbstones. Single-hopper hollow block machine prices are lower than double-hopper block machines.

However, when the concrete block to be produced is needed to be colored, the whole block should be colored and it consumes a lot of pigments. to have a smooth surface you need to use finer materials and if you use a single hopper you need to apply the fine aggregate to the whole block. Customers who will produce paving stones do not prefer to use hollow block machines with a single hopper.


The double-hopper block making machine is specially designed for double-layer paving blocks. To produce a second layer for your paving block you need a second hopper so you can add colored fine aggregate above the bottom layer of the paving block.
It can be automatic or semi-automatically operated.



Hollow Block Making Machine

The instruction sector continuously changes in hollow block products with emerging technology. If it is necessary to give an example, an old type hollow block can be obtained by combining the machine with additional equipment such as styrofoam concrete block and strains hollow block.

The manufacturer who carries out the construction has to closely follow these changes in the construction sector and update the automation systems of the hollow block machine he has produced. Otherwise, it may fall into a situation that is not preferred. The hydraulic system is determined according to the automation system that is installed on the machine, the automation system is added, the painting process is passed and the hollow block machine is manufactured after painting.

If you are planning to produce a new model block all you need to do is to buy a new mold for our machines. Our machines are designed to produce any shape with a height between 5cm to 30cm.



Cost Of The Hollow Block Factory

The total cost of the hollow block plant depends on many factors as we described. The main cost of the plant is the main machine as well. We recommend you not spend your whole budget on the machine but save a part of it for land preparation, buying aggregate, running the factory for the first few months, and paying your personnel if you can't sell in the first few weeks.



To buy the best machine for your plant you need to visit different companies which produce these machines. Chinese machines are low in quality and cheap, German machines are perfect in quality and very expensive, and Turkish companies have high quality and reasonable prices.

For more videos, you can visit the Bess Machine En youtube channel.