In the heart of Ghana's bustling construction industry, concrete block making machines have become the backbone of modern building practices, reshaping the landscape of infrastructure development. As the demand for durable and cost-effective building materials continues to increase, various types of machines have found their way onto construction sites across the country.



Among the industry leaders making significant contributions is Beyazli Group, a renowned name synonymous with innovation and reliability. Having successfully installed five machines in strategic locations and recently shipping a new unit, Beyazli Group is playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of construction in Ghana.



In the world of making concrete blocks, Beyazli Group's PRS series is a flexible solution designed specifically for construction projects in Africa and especially Ghana. The PRS series, categorized into Small, Medium, and High-capacity options, makes them suitable for smaller projects or big projects with special needs. Notably, Beyazli Group has exclusively installed semi-automatic versions of PRS machines in Ghana, a strategic choice with distinct advantages.



The simplicity and strength of PRS machines play a pivotal role in their effectiveness. Maintenance and operation are streamlined, allowing construction teams in Ghana to manage the machinery with ease. What sets the semi-automatic version apart is its user-friendly nature – from simplified troubleshooting to the elimination of the need for a forklift to move pallets.



This not only reduces operational complexities but also proves to be a cost-effective measure.  Bess's PRS series, with its special design and user-friendly features, emerges as a reliable companion for construction endeavors, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness on Ghanaian construction sites.



Depending on your daily production needs and budget, we provide various options to choose from. Additionally, if you require custom-designed blocks for specific purposes, we offer the service of creating molds tailored to your unique requirements.

For more information, feel free to reach out to our sales department to schedule a visit to one of our plants in Ghana. Alternatively, for any questions or additional details, we are always at your disposal and ready to assist