Bess company is a  brick making machine manufacturing company that offers all types of support for your projects. choosing a diesel generator might be tricky for some customers so we have prepared this article to help you choose the best generator for your brick making machine project.


If you are starting your brick making machine far from the electric network or you want to have a generator for power-outs you need to choose the right generator capacity.

Bess engineers give you some useful tips on how to choose your generator for your brick making machine plant. Note that this is also useful for most machines and plants.


The first thing you need to calculate is the total power of your brick manufacturing plant. This means the hopper, conveyor belts, mixer, and the main brick making machine including robots and the hydraulic unit.

for example, we calculate the generator needed for the PRS400 automatic brick making machine. you will have a table as below:

 equipment  power  quantity  total
 bottom vibration of hoppers  1kw  2  2kw
 conveyor belt  2.2kw  2  4.4kw
 mixer  15kw 1 15kw
 brick making machine vibration  7.5kw 2 15kw
  brick making machine hydraulic unit  13kw  1  13kw
 brick making machine loader and unloaderrobots  13kw  1  13kw
   Total: 62.4kw


 As you can see the total power required for this machine is around 62kw. This is when you are using the network. If you are using a diesel generator you need to consider that when these motors are starting they will need a current 3 times higher than their normal current. this means that you need to multiply the rated current by 3 to have the generator capacity.

in some plants all the equipment work at the same time and in some plants they work one by one. in brick making machine plants all the equipment work at the same time at some point. It is also possible to add a silo or other equipment to the plant in the future. so it's the best way to consider the future too when buying a generator.

 Generators use diesel or gas to produce electricity. you need to check which fuel is available in your area before buying the generator. 


 The diesel generator needed for this brick making machine plant is 62.4 x 3 = 187.2 KW 

now you need to change the KW to KVA. because generator capacities are written in KVA. to change the kw to kva the simplest way is to divide it to 0.8

it will be 187.2 / 0.8 = it will be 234 kva. 

then you need to check the standard capacities to see which one is the most suitable one for you.

since all the equipment mostly doesn't work with each other you can choose the nearest standard capacity.  it can be 230kva.

The diesel generator 230kva can operate the PRS400 automatic brick making machine.

 Here is a sample video of the PRS400 automatic block making machine working:

As it is shown in the video most of the time all the equipment is not working together.

If you need more details about semi-automatic and automatic brick making machines you can check brick making machine for sale or concrete block machine for sale.

What brand of Generator is suitable for my project?

This depends on your budget and capacity. the generator has generally to parts:

1. diesel engine

2. electrical alternator

motor burns fuel and runs the alternator and the alternator starts producing electrical energy.

each manufacturer company offers different diesel motors like Cummins, Scania, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Perkins, Alimar, and some Turkish brand motors.

they also offer different brands of alternators based on your budget. For bigger generators, it is recommended that you buy only well-known brands.

Also, we recommend buying the urgent set of spare parts with the machine so in the future you won't face any serious problems.

You can contact us anytime if you need any further details regarding the machine or the generator.